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Welcome to my portfolio! I’m a

Web Designer

who is passionate about crafting visually stunning user interfaces and impactful branding strategies…

& Web Dev

that brings art to life on the web world with my hard-work and creativity;

about me


Greetings! I’m a Brazilian native currently residing in the USA for over six years. From a young age, my passion for technology has driven my growth and development. Web design was my first love, and what began as a hobby quickly evolved into a career. Back then, technology was limited, which motivated me to develop coding skills to bring my websites to life.

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to participate in projects across multiple IT areas, including desktop development, backend development, mobile development, frontend development, and design. Although I enjoyed all aspects of these projects, combining frontend development and UI design always caught my attention.

I believe that having a continuous curiosity is the key to success in technology, which I apply to all aspects of my life, including cooking, sports, traveling, reading, and meeting new cultures. The joy of learning and trying new things is what makes life beautiful. Check below a list of the technologies in my stack that I use regularly and continue to learn:

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  • AlphaDog Solutions

    I started a few years ago at AlphaDog Solutions working in some freelance jobs and recently got hired as a full-time employee, as a Front-End Developer and Web Designer, playing a vital role in designing and developing websites for municipalities throughout the USA. Additionally, I create applications for elections and governmental institutions such as Police […]
  • Mosyle

    As a UI Designer at Mosyle, I faced the challenge of designing mobile applications for the education sector that catered to the needs of US schools, universities, and parental control solutions. My role involved designing user-friendly interfaces that adhered to the strict guidelines of both Android and iOS environments. To achieve this, I collaborated closely […]
  • EE2 Agency

    As a Website Designer and Developer at EE2 Propaganda, I had the opportunity to work closely with a talented team of marketing professionals, including designers, directors, and copywriters, on several product launches for private companies in Brazil. My role involved collaborating with the creative team to develop website concepts, designing user interfaces, and writing clean […]
  • IM@

    As a trainee at IMA (Informática de Municípios Associados S/A), where I began my professional career, I gained experience in various roles, including PHP and vanilla JS development, SQL database management, and web design. After a year with the company, I was hired full-time, taking on greater responsibilities and helping to develop and maintain a […]

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It’s been an absolute pleasure living a fulfilled and purpose-driven life with my loved ones, in the limited time we have on this earth. My insatiable curiosity and passion for learning drives me forward. Thank you so much for visiting and taking the time to explore my work. It’s my hope that I can make a meaningful impact on my clients, community, and those around me. Obrigado!

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