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DJ Knauft

As a branding designer, I was tasked with creating a brand identity for a Techno DJ based in the USA. The DJ was known for their high-energy performances and unique blend of techno and electronic music, and they wanted a brand identity that would reflect their personality and style.

To begin the creation process, I conducted interviews with the DJ to gain insights into their music style, personality, and audience. I also researched other techno DJs to identify trends in the industry and find ways to differentiate the brand.

Based on my research, I developed a brand strategy that would highlight the DJ’s passion for techno music and their unique personality. I created a logo that combined a futuristic and edgy look with a bold and simple design to create a memorable and recognizable brand mark.

I also designed a color palette and typography that would be consistent with the brand’s personality and style. The color palette included bold, simple black and white colors in order to make it flexible, while the typography featured a modern, sans-serif font that was easy to read and conveyed a sense of professionalism.

To ensure consistency across all brand touchpoints, I developed a set of brand guidelines that outlined the proper use of the brand elements and provided examples of how the brand identity should be applied in different contexts, such as social media, merchandise, and live performances.

Overall, the new brand identity helped the Techno DJ to establish a strong and recognizable brand that resonated with their audience and differentiated them from their competitors. The DJ was able to successfully promote their music and attract new fans with their fresh and dynamic brand image.

Check below some of the typography creative process to get to the final result 😀


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March 11, 2023