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2007 - IM@

As a trainee at IMA (Informática de Municípios Associados S/A), where I began my professional career, I gained experience in various roles, including PHP and vanilla JS development, SQL database management, and web design. After a year with the company, I was hired full-time, taking on greater responsibilities and helping to develop and maintain a range of web applications.

During my time at IM@, I worked closely with the development team to design and implement custom solutions for clients, utilizing my skills in PHP development and SQL to build robust, scalable applications for my hometown of Campinas-SP, Brazil. I also leveraged my experience in web and UI design, which was identified as one of my strengths, to create engaging user interfaces that enhanced the experience of citizens and municipal workers with our products.

Overall, my time at IM@ provided me with a strong foundation in web development and design and set me on a path towards a successful career in the field. Working there allowed me to collaborate with a large and diverse team with a range of skills, hierarchies, and multiple processes for creating well-documented projects. While it was a significant challenge to leave a stable and promising job, I knew that pursuing more knowledge and experience in other companies would help me grow as a professional.