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Current - AlphaDog Solutions

I started a few years ago at AlphaDog Solutions working in some freelance jobs and recently got hired as a full-time employee, as a Front-End Developer and Web Designer, playing a vital role in designing and developing websites for municipalities throughout the USA. Additionally, I create applications for elections and governmental institutions such as Police Departments, County websites, and Municipal libraries.

My main responsibilities include collaborating with the development team to create wireframes, designing high-quality graphics and user interfaces, and ensuring that the user experience is smooth and engaging. I work closely with clients to understand their needs and goals, and I make sure that the final product meets their expectations.

I am also responsible for ensuring that the websites and apps are responsive and accessible on all devices. I use my expertise in front-end development to write clean and efficient code that is optimized for performance.

Working at AlphaDog Solutions has given me the opportunity to gain valuable experience in designing and developing websites and apps for the public sector. I have learned how to work with large organizations and government institutions to deliver effective solutions that meet their specific needs. I am proud to be a part of a team that is making a positive impact in the community.